Fonterra Milk In Schools

20 June 2018 • School News

On the 15th of June we began a milk in schools program.

We have started off with the Middle School, (Rooms 2, 4, 13, 14, 21, 25 and 26). There are three main monitors (Ava, Troy and Taylor.) Their job is to get the milk boxes out of the Whare Toi fridge and get them ready for the classes. There are two monitors  from each class that come and collect the boxes and take them to their classmates to enjoy the yummy milk! The milk is full of calcium and protein which helps to keep our bones and muscles strong and engages our brains during learning time. ​​

We will begin delivering milk to the junior and senior school shortly.


Here are a few reviews from the people that have had milk so far:

  1. Layla Rm 14- I think it is a great idea because the milk is yum.

  2. Lexie Rm 13- I like it because kids can have some protein and it’s good for you.

  3. Harry Rm 4- after morning tea you can have something yum and different to drink.

By Skylar and Ava from Room 19.