Japanese Students Visit Maungatapu

11 March 2018 • School News

The bell rang for the end of lunch play I couldn’t wait till the Japanese Students got here. I wondered what they were going to teach us. I came and sat on the mat, I looked out the window and could see Four Japanese students walking up the deck stairs. They came in and pulled out a book full of facts about New Zealand and Japan there was all kinds of cool things. After that we did some origami, we followed them step by step and in the end it turned out to be a paper swan.

Tommy R 20

“Japanese students are coming after lunch!” The teacher exclaimed. I was so excited, my brain just went click, neighbouring country of my mums home country, tick, origami, tick. It was going to be so fun! They were going to stay at our class for the rest of the day, well not every Japanese student just 4.

As they walked into the door my first impression was intermediate or college age students. They showed us a slideshow of popular tourist destinations, martial arts and they taught us how to fold a crane altogether.

I really enjoyed them here and teaching us about different things in japan, how to fold a paper crane and I also learnt that kendo was Japanese. They also wrote our names in Japanese three times all of the times they were different they were Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

By Noah R 20

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