Mahi kainga

Learning at home

At Maungatapu School our philosophy is that homework should not be onerous for the children or families.

It needs to relate directly to the learning in class and should not be new learning.  It should focus on reading and maths knowledge.  Children are encouraged to take part in activities outside of school hours, such as clubs and sports.

Below is an example of a homework programme.

Jump in a puddle and come up with 5 words to describe the feeling.Watch a half hour TV show. Who was respectful or disrespectful, and why? Talk about this with an adult at home.Learn your address and your phone number. If you already know it, help someone else learn theirs.Talk to your family about your goals for the term and how you plan to achieve them.Go outside with a friend/adult. How many birds can you see hear? How many of these birds can you name?
Make cards for at least five people. They can be for any reason: to say hello, thinking of you, happy birthday, to say thank youMake your bed every day.Take some wide sellotape and make a bracelet (sticky side up). Gather things from the environment to make a bracelet.Many families have family names. Does you family? Where does the name orignate from?Go outside with an adult and a ball. How many times can you throw and catch a ball without dropping it? See if you can break your record.
Tell someone at home about your day at school. What was your biggest surprise or challenge? How do you plan to overcome this?Organise and monitor the recycling at your house for the whole term.Look at supermarket brochures or online at prices of food. Plan a meal for your family, list down the cost of the items.Teach an adult something you are good at that they don’t know. It may be to do with technology eg blogging, iPad, phone etc.Invite a friend over to play and invent a new game together to teach to another friend. You might like to invite a new friend who hasn’t been to your place before.
Ask a family member to read to you.Plan and carry out a random act of kindness for someone in your community.Join the local library. Get books out regularly and be responsible for ensuring they are returned on time.Set a fitness goal for the term. Log your results.Take part in the school gala, working with your class on a fundraising stall.
Ask an adult what their favourite book was when they were your age. Find the book and read it. Have a discussion about the book.Vacuum your bedroom. Make this a regular chore (if this is not already).Show your family how to log on to your class blog. Show them some of your learning.Look at photos of your family when they were your age. What are similarities and differences you can see?Plan an obstacle course with your family. Make sure has adaptations for all ages and skills.
Find the lyrics for your favourite song. See if you are singing it correctly.Test the smoke detectors in your house.Learn and perform a magic trick.List 5 things you are thankful for.Run the obstacle course as a family. Cheer each other on.
Ask a family member about their favourite song from when they were young. See if you can find the song on the internet to watch/listen to together.Grow some vegetables in a garden/pot.Challenge a family member to a basic facts quiz.Measure your height and mark it somewhere at home (check with an adult first!). Watch how you grow over the year.Help an adult make a bed, taking responsibility for one side of the bed.
Find a spider web. Draw it as accurately as you can.Use something that you have grown in a meal for your family.Make a reading log of the books you have read this term.Complete a nature walk with an adult. Explore somewhere different you haven’t been before.Help an adult cook something for the family.
Retell a story you know to your family.Gather up any old toys and clothes you no longer need and donate to a charity.Design and build a craft that either floats or flies.Sing your favourite song to your family.Help clean up the kitchen after a family meal.
Ring up or go and visit an older family member or friend, tell them about your day.Wash out your lunchbox and school bag to ensure it is nice and fresh for next term.Plan one night a week without TV.Look back at your books from when you were younger. What has improved?Find out about clubs, sports teams, cultural groups etc in your area. Which one would you like to join?