Rippa Rugby World Cup

20 June 2018 • School News

On the day of the Rippa Rugby World Cup, Maungatapu marched onto the field, the day was sunny with streaks of clouds, it was at Paengaroa.  Maungatapu had discussed  their tactics, and were ready for their games.  The whistle blew, the first game had started!  Wind stung their cheeks as they leapt to the ball. They played 5 games. They were up against Paengaroa first , and played other schools including Westbrook and Mount Maunganui Primary.

“I felt nervous, excited,and ready to kick butt’’ – Eva

“I felt scared” – Natasha

“On our first game I felt like ice”- Rehutai


Western bay results:

1st place!!! Woohoo Maungatapu





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