Seismograph report

18 May 2018 • School News

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have a scientist come to our school. His name is Kasper and he works at the University of Auckland. He came in to set up a seismograph in our library which will tell us when there has been an earthquake. Two people from each class got to go along and we learnt heaps! Some of the facts he shared with us were that the bigger the fault, the bigger the earthquake and that tectonic plates are made from the earth’s crust and move under each other, move apart and clash together. We had fun jumping in the library and trying to get the machine to measure our movement.

By Josh and Stevie – Room 25 and 26

We were super lucky to have Kasper visit us to talk about Rū Whenua.  Kasper is a physicist who specialises in Earthquakes. Did you know there are over 15000 earthquakes recorded in NZ every year. Kasper installed a seismograph in our library which is now part of the Ru network, a network of schools with seismographs. You can see our feed at
Our seisograph goes 24/7 and we have already measured two earthquakes!

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