Senior Camp

14 June 2018 • School News

Over the last few weeks, all the senior school students have been enjoying the bush at Aongatete Lodge in Katikati. We all went out of our comfort zones in many fun activities including indoor rock climbing, archery, hut making, orienteering and forest science. During the night there were activities too. We all screamed on the Burma trail (which is a pitch black night walk through the bush with only a thin rope to guide you) and cooked perfect golden brown pancakes on hobo stoves (cans you can cook on), At camp, in your spare time, you could push yourself to your limits by heading over to the challenge course it is like an adventure playground but it’s VERY hard.

The senior teachers decided to have a camp so the kids would interact with others who they didn’t usually spend time with and understand how important the forest is to New Zealand.

By Ava and Skylar Rm 19.