The NED Show

7 August 2018 • School News

“Hello everyone and welcome to the NED Show!

My name is Gary and this is NED” said the host of the NED show.

The N in NED stands for never give up,

The E is for encouraging others

And the D is for do your best.


Gary told us stories about NED trying to find his mind set.To do that he had to overcome challenges like climbing mount Everest to learn how to not give up, travelling to the caribbean islands to encourage others and meeting ALIENS to learn to do his best.


During the NED show, the Maungatapu kids were entertained with  yoyo tricks and at the end of the show you were able to purchase three different types of yoyos including the $20 excelerator, $14 boomerang and the $8 NED yo-yo.  The money made from the yoyos will be used for Gary to go to another skill and share Neds stories. The kids all loved show, especially the tricks.

By Ava Jurisich and Skylar Sargisson room 19.