Trees for Survival

24 June 2018 • School News • Trips

Tuesday 5th June

As Room 25 and 26 scrambled of the bus they started to walk towards Mount Maunganui. It was a very  gloomy and rainy day. We walked and walked until we reached a big hill and then we met a man called Dave who showed from Trees for Survival. Trees for Survival is an environmental education programme that gets young people (like us) to plant native plants. We were planting on The Mount to help stop it from eroding (when soil and dirt falls away). Dave showed us how to plant the trees then we got our spades out and started to plant the native trees on Mount Maunganui. It was very hard because the grass was very long and the weather wasn’t very good! As we walked back down the hill we washed our dirty hands and said our goodbyes to the helpers. We felt very proud of the job we had done.


By Lucretia, Shelby and  Georgia (Room 25 and 26)