Mātauranga i waho i te akomanga


11 Before 11 is a concept that allows us to identify and plan 11 experiences we see as essential in the development of the whole learner at Maungatapu School before children reach the age of 11 (e.g. the end of Year 6). The 11 experiences are unique to the Maungatapu Learner as they reflect our community, our history, our CREST model and allow us to live our Maungatapu School curriculum.

11 Before 11 are 11 experiences we believe all Maungatapu children should have access to before they leave our school; therefore they need to be planned and implemented as they are too important to leave to chance. These experiences are spread across a child’s time at Maungatapu School, reflecting what we believe is important at different levels of the school. Each experience has a clear purpose allowing us to remain focussed on the importance and priority of these events and not allow us to be distracted by additional activities. Other activities are also infused through the programme, and change regularly to reflect current happenings in our community and interests of learners.

PurposeYear 1-2Year 3-4
Year 5-6
Be involved in activities and experiences that build resilience and self-management skillsA day “camping” in school groundOvernight camp in tents at school (even year)1 night camp beach based, surf lifesaving, dawn walk up Mauao (odd year)
Learn about the history of Tauranga Moana, including the significance of place names, places and eventsWalk around MauaoHikoi around local area
Place names etc, history
Hikoi around local area
Experience how different people and cultures use “the arts” to express themselves in our communityAttend a concert/show/production.
Take part in a school production/art expo/cultural festival
Participate in social action which increases understanding of how to care for our local community and environment and protect it for future generations  2 night camp bush based (native plants, history, conservation…) even year
Celebrate cultural differences in our communityVisit MaraeOvernight stay at Marae
(odd year)

Education outside the classroom  within Te Puwhāriki

In addition to the 11 before 11 experiences,  tamariki from Te Puwhāriki and their whanau are also encouraged to participate in these events.

Meet and Greet the parents
Trips to Tauranga library
Te Ra Whakangahau
Te rangi whakamaumahara mo nga hoia
Whakanui i a Matariki
Bi-annual Ball
Noho marae
Whakangungu mo te Reo ki te taha Auraki
Kaitautoko mo nga haerenga mo te taha Auraki