School Qualities

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“I show kindness
He tamaiti atawhai ahau”
‘The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.’
Is being modelled kindness by others.Shows kindness to others, when prompted. Can explain what kindness means in different situations.Role models kindness to others. Displays kindness in most situations.Is empathetic & compassionate in different settings. Displays kindness in all settings and to both peers and adults. Others are influenced positively by the kindness of this person.
“I use my initiative
He tamaiti whai whakaaro ahau”
‘The ability to assess
and initiate things independently.’
Is learning what initiative means.Shows initiative in some settings.Mostly displays initiative when the opportunity presents itself.Looks for opportunities to display initiative. Can assess when initiative is required.
He tamaiti waewae kapua ahau
‘Willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.’
Is working on breaking out of their ‘comfort zone’.Is starting to try new activities/tasks.Is regularly able to step out of their ‘comfort zone’.Consistently engages in new tasks/activities. Looks for ways to extend themselves by taking risks in their learning. Always willing to try out new ideas or methods.
He tamaiti manawaroa ahau
‘Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.’
Is learning about how to show perseverance.Is trying things more than once without giving up. Understands that perseverance = successHas shown that they are able to persevere with something until it has been achieved. Has been successful because of their perseverance.Consistently perseveres with something until it has been completed or the goal has been achieved. Is able to articulate their journey to success and how perseverance played a part in realising their goal.
I am confident
He tamaiti māia ahau
‘A feeling of self-assurance arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.’
Is learning about being confident and how confidence can help them achieve success.Is growing in confidence and their belief in themselves.Is able to show confidence in a range of different settings.Is a well rounded and confident person who can articulate and explain their own qualities and abilities.
I am inquisitive
He tamaiti pākiki ahau
‘Having or showing an interest in learning things; curious.’
Is learning how to ask questions to find out more.Is growing in their ability to ask questions in order to build their understanding.When presented with a new idea or concept, this person asks lots of questions and seeks out ways to answer them.This person’s curiosity to learn is piqued very easily. They consistently seek to build on their understanding and knowledge of how things work. This person actively seeks out answers to their questions and inspires others to higher levels of inquisitiveness.
I am collaborative
He tamaiti mahitahi ahau
‘Work jointly on an activity or project.’
Is learning that working with others can contribute to their own learning development.Has shown the ability to work with others in a constructive manner.Can work with a wide group of people, jointly, towards a shared goal.Is a contributing collaborator and an effective member of a team. This person understands the power of a team and how the combined strengths of a team can realise a goal more effectively.