Mā tēnei whārangi uru kōwae

How to Enrol

Maungatapu School is a large urban primary school catering for students in Years 1 to 6. It is located in a western suburb of Tauranga and set in attractive, well-maintained grounds.

Our preferred method for enrolment is online. To start this process please email our office staff on office@maungatapu.school.nz  Please put Online Enrolment in the subject line and Include your child/ren’s names and dates of birth, and address, along with your name and a contact phone number, in the email. You will then be sent a link to do the enrolment online.

Please note that if your child is a previous student of Maungatapu School we will need to do a paper enrolment. Contact our office staff regarding this on phone 07 544 0858 or email office@maungatapu.school.nz.

Enrolment Scheme

Maungatapu School operates an Enrolment Scheme to assist the Board of Trustees to manage the growing school roll. Details of the home zone are available at the school office.  Alternatively you may wish to use the internet to see the school zone.  Use this link http://nzschools.tki.org.nz/   and then search Maungatapu.  It is an interactive map which will highlight the zone for you to see.

If you are living outside of the school zone, you will need to make an application for your child to be considered as an out of zone pupil. The ballot process is carried out each term and it is important that the school knows well in advance if you wish to make an application as an out of zone enrolment.

A copy of the birth certificate is required for all pupils enrolling at the school. The record of Immunisation (Plunket Book) will also be required for all New Entrant pupils. Family information, such as emergency contacts and relevant medical information will be recorded at enrolment and will be held in strict confidence.

Caregivers are welcome to visit the school prior to their child starting.

An enrollment pack containing detailed information regarding stationery, school uniform, out of school carers and other useful information is available from the school office.


A pōhiri for new tamariki is an important part of our school culture.  A Pōhiri for new students and staff occurs during the first week of each term.

Transition to School Visits – Auraki

Our school has a strong partnership with Maungatapu Kindergarten and Maungatapu Preschool. Speak to your teachers at these centres about the dates that they will bring children for school visits.

All children who are wanting to start school at Maungatapu School are encouraged to come along to our pre-school visit sessions that are held every Wednesday from 1.30-2.45pm.

The sessions are held in Room 22, which is our transition classroom. At the visits pre-schoolers have the opportunity to meet and build positive relationships with their first teacher and other children in the class before starting school. They can become familiar with the environment and classroom expectations in a safe, gentle way before their first day.

Parents are able to bring their children for as many visits as they need; some children are happy with three visits, some need more to feel confident about starting school.  Parents must stay with their child during these visits. It’s also a great opportunity for you to get to know other parents!

Wednesday afternoon transition visits will look similar to this:

• School children come in from lunch at 1:30pm
• Teacher calls the roll and welcomes visitors
• Shared mat time with stories and songs
• Play based learning
• Tidy up time
• Home time at 2:45pm

Play based learning allows children to select an activity they feel comfortable with. During this time the children have the opportunity to interact with others and hopefully make friends to ease their transition into school. This is a good time to approach the teachers with any queries parents may have about their child starting school.

For any other information email the Transition Room teacher, Cathy Hardaker.  cathy@maungatapu.school.nz

Te Puwhāriki Enrolment Guidelines

Te Puwhāriki is Maungatapu school’s total immersion in te reo Māori unit.  Maungatapu School is fortunate to be able to provide Māori education for those who wish for their child to be educated in Te Reo Māori me ōna Tikanga.

Priority will be given to tamariki with whakapapa links to Ngai Te Ahi and Ngati Hē, and must live within the school zone of Maungatapu school.
Tamariki must have a good command of Te Reo Māori (Age dependent). An interview with the tamaiti will be conducted.

Prior to enrolling, the whanau and the child will meet with the Pouarataki and classroom pouako for an interview to discuss suitability for entry, and to ask any questions.  If an enrolment into Te Puwhāriki is accepted, an enrolment form must be filled out and returned to the school office.

Expectations of Parents within Te Puwhāriki

Due to the special character of the programme and the popularity of Te Puwhāriki, upon enrolment parents will be made aware of their commitment to Te Puwhāriki.

The list below outlines the level of commitment expected from Te Puwhāriki parents.

Speaking and promoting te reo Māori to your tamaiti.
Attending Te Puwhāriki whānau hui at least once a term.
Attend parent – teacher – child conferences.
Ensure your tamaiti attends kura every day
Contributes to fundraising.
Supervision on school trips or classroom activities.

Tamariki transitioning from Kohanga Reo and pre-schoolers.

Tamariki transitioning from Te Kohanga Reo and pre-schoolers should begin transitioning four weeks prior to starting school.  Tamariki are to be accompanied by an adult (parent, caregiver, or kaiawhina) for the duration of the transition.

Transition times are 9am – 10.20am, Monday to Friday or upon arrangement with the classroom kaiako.

More information can be found on our Te Puwhāriki page.