Whakaputanga tēnei Ko Pūtaiao

History of Maungatapu

Maungatapu Primary is a School that has a rich and valued history. Over 130 years old, Maungatapu School has seen and experienced many changes in how our world and society function. It has grown with the change and still holds many of the founding principles within the culture of the school.

1881 4 July 1881 – Date of Establishment at Anglican Church on Te Hono Street. Opening Roll was 26. Mr JW Dufus was Headmaster.
1881 Local Maori Ngati He, offered 2 acres of land for a school site to Education Department. A classroom and teacher ‘s residence was built and the site was known as “Mara o Tatahu” on the north east side of the Maungatapu Peninsula.
1882 Construction began
1884 Cpt Morgan was Headmaster helped by his wife. He established a side school in an old church at Ngapeke. Mrs Morgan continued at Maungatapu.
1888 8 pupils at Maungatapu, 31 at Ngapeke.
1889 Mr Griffin was Headmaster and in April Maungatpau was clased as all tamariki went to Ngapeke.
1890 Re-opened with 17 pupils
1895 Tribal migration and low numbers caused the closure of Maungatapu Native School.
1898 Maungatapu School House moved to Papamoa.
1908 Petition for re-establishment of Maungatapu Native School. A new site was gifted of 3 acres at present site of school.
1913 School completed and open with Head Teacher Miss Baker assisted by Miss Geissler.
1914 Miss Baker resigned and Mr Roach became new Head Teacher in October. Roll 82.
 1922  Roll 65, of which 25 are pakeha.
 1937  Roll numbers saw a new detached open air classroom built, which is the current Puwhariki Unit.
 1949  Tennis courts and driveway were tarsealed.
 1953  Roll 116 pupils.
 1956  Additional 2 acres acquired for play area.
 1962  Maungatapu Maori School Disestablished. A new public school under the control of the South Auckland Education Board. Roll 126 pupils.
 1965  New Classrooms built and new admin block which is part of Rangi-A-Tea. Renovations to original classrooms.
 1968  Construction of swimming pool.
 1969  Two new classrooms.
 1974  Two new classrooms. Roll 400 pupils.
 1976  Library set up and two relocatable classrooms were added. Roll 512 pupils.
 1979  Welcome Bay School Opened. 170 pupils left Maungatapu which relieved the pressure which had peaked in 1977 with 575 pupils.
 1982  School roll 330 pupils.
 1984  Te Kohanga Reo discussed provision for Kohanga reo children.
 1987  Local Maori visit school to discuss provision for children in the Máori language and culture. Class opened to focus on promotion Te Reo and Máori Culture.
 1988  Unit received official Bi-Lingual status.
 1989  Election of first Board of Trustees.
 1990  School Carpark complete.
 1995  New playground constructed at front of school.
 1998  New school and community hall and new administration block.
 1999  New classroom.
 2000  New Classroom.
 2001  Library becomes a classroom.
 2002  New Library
 2004  A classroom block relocated in school to build Whare Toi.
 2005  Rangi Atea completed.
 2006  Puwhariki classrooms renovated to have 3 classrooms and changing of toilets and book room.
 2011  Maungatapu is a Decile 5 school that has 23 classrooms, catering for new entrant through to Year 6. There are 3 classrooms in the Puwhariki unit
 2013   School Dental Clinic closed.
Two 21st Century classrooms in the Senior Syndicate Room 15 & 16 with a karakia opening service.
 2014  Library repaired with a new roof Term 1.
Term 2: Under construction: Two more 21st Century classrooms in the Middle Syndicate Room 13 & 14.
Term 3: 21st Century classrooms in the Middle Syndicate Room 13 & 14 with a karakia opening service