Nau mai Kura o Maungatapu

About our School

Maungatapu Primary is a School that has a rich and valued history. At 132 years old, Maungatapu School has seen and experienced many changes in how our world and society function. It has grown with the change and still holds many of the founding principles within the culture of the school. Over these years Maungatapu has always been student focused and continues to adapt and change to meet the needs of our Maungatapu Learners.

With the 21st Century learner being so diverse and the demands on schools and teachers increasing constantly, Maungatapu School addresses these dynamics in education through a strategic and collective approach.

Whaia te iti kahurangi ki te tuoho koe he maunga teitei
Persue that which is precious and do not be deterred by anything less than a lofty mountain

This proverb encourages one to strive by stepping up in our school CREST

‘Stepping up to the CREST, to be an effective citizen’ is one of the approaches Maungatapu School uses for cultural formation and enhancement; it is also our vision and learner map. ‘Stepping up to the CREST’ is both explicit and implicit within Maungatapu School. We infuse the CREST into all aspects of school life as its components align with the New Zealand Curriculum’s Key Competencies.

The CREST also gives us the mandate to explore the notions that surround powerful learning. The aspect of ‘Education and Endeavour’ in the CREST encourages us as a team to reflect and refine our practice, being the best we can be in meeting the needs of our Maungatapu Learners.

School facilities

Maungatapu School has worked to develop a number of fine facilities which we are happy to share with our community. Feel free to make use of our grounds after school, during the weekends and in the holidays. The school and community hall is available for hire outside school hours. Details are available from the school office regarding hall hire. Please help us to keep our school in a safe, clean and welcoming condition by refraining from dropping litter or allowing children to skateboard on our decks and seats out of school hours. We prefer that dogs be kept at home rather than walked to school with children.